Friday, December 31, 2010

SEO and Social Media Weekly Reader Dec 31, 2010

Friday is Reading Day
If you are looking for articles related to SEO or Social media, take a look at this list. I assemble it over the week and post it every Friday.
  1. What it Takes to Redesign a 12 Million User Website ( Dec 20, 2010) A sneak peek at Thrillist’s new design, along with the scoop on what the inside of a massive art project looks like. Read on for the anatomy of this full web makeover..
  2. New SEO Best Practice: Whining ( Dec. 13, 2010)Whining about Google has become the latest trend in SEO.
  3. Drawing Local Lines In The Sand For Clients In 2011 ( Dec 23, 2010) Local SEO requires the cleanest, clearest guidance in working with valued clients.
I'd be interested in hearing about any blogs or websites you follow, which contain informative articles about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, or Social Media Marketing.